Wellbox S - What You Need To Know

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Wellbox S - What You Need To Know

There’s a real buzz around the latest Wellbox S fat-reduction device.

With twice the power of its older Wellbox model, the ‘S’ has double the firming and anti-ageing properties, creating an all-over salon-style face and body indulgence for men and women.

Wellbox S

What's good about the Wellbox S?

There’s a host of new routines plus improved suction ability to deeply stimulate the skin and restore elasticity. So if you have stubborn areas of cellulite that are causing you concern, or expression lines you want to get rid of, and nothing else has worked then the Wellbox S might just change your life.

It will definitely change your figure! Already heralded a game-changer in the cosmetic beauty space, some of the success stories we’ve heard are amazing. One customer was struggling to shift some extra baby weight, leaving her too anxious to step out of her maternity clothes - or the house - but with regular use the Wellbox S took inches of her stomach and thighs. And we’ve had feedback from a single man in his 50s, who, conscious of his sagging jowl, now as the confidence to date again.

Wellbox S

A Salon-Worthy Home Use Device

With a price tag of close to £900, it is one of the most expensive products on the Current Body site but yes we think it’s worth it. You are getting the results of a professional treatment from the comfort of your own home. There are over 25 routines within one machine, as well as 8 routines for men, and you will love how easy it is to use, making the need for regular usage so much more doable.

There’s a Roll-on Treatment Head for the body to fight fat and smooth cellulite, and one for the face to boost collagen. And you avoid the side effects that you might get with surgery or injections. See it as an investment. We advise you watch the YouTube videos to ensure you get the most from your device, and commit to using it regularly. And of course, diet and exercise are important too. The more you put in, the more you’ll get out.

Wellbox S

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