The hottest beauty devices that have just landed at CurrentBody

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The hottest beauty devices that have just landed at CurrentBody

Some exciting new arrivals have landed at CurrentBody this month and we can't wait for you to try them. From facial-lifting microcurrent devices, to a flat iron that delivers a personalised styling experience, we give you the lowdown on the hottest new devices and why they'll be a must-have in your beauty routine.

Trophy Skin UltradermMD

The newest model from Trophy Skin offers microdermabrasion, pore extraction and kinetic toning all in one ultra-smart device.

Use the device’s diamond tip to gently exfoliate dead skin and debris buildup. Paired with the gentle suction motion, this treatment will leave your skin smoother, brighter and healthier-looking after the first treatment.

The pore extraction tip helps to unclog pores and clear your complexion. Skin looks tighter, and more refined after continued use.

The brand new feature, Kinetic Toning, helps to tighten and brighten your skin by increasing blood circulation with its gentle suction motion. The device comes with a small and large tip so you can treat your face and body.

T3 Lucea ID 25 mm Straightening & Styling Flat Iron with Touch Screen

The first flat iron of its kind, T3 Lucea ID lets you personalise your styling experience to you. The smart touch screen interface allows you to input your hair length, texture and colour treatment, then the device automatically adjusts the heat temperature to protect your hair.

T3 Lucea ID also has CeraGloss Ceramic Plates to keep your locks sleek all day long. Its smart RapidHeatIQ technology ensures a consistent temperature is kept across both plates.

Plus it even has a Refresh Mode, ideal for when you want to go over ‘second day’ hair that’s been previously styled. This mode reduces the heat output to minimise heat damage.

Trophy Skin BrightenMD

This clever little device harnesses 4 eye-awakening technologies to tackle eye bags, puffiness and fine lines.

Emitting heat therapy, LED light therapy, EMS and gentle vibrations, the Trophy Skin BrightenMD works by boosting collagen production to smooth out your complexion. Gentle heat therapy tackles tired eyes and gives relief from puffiness around this delicate area.

It even increases your skincare absorption too, so we’d recommend pairing this treatment with your favourite eye serum or cream for maximum effect.

Trophy Skin RejuvatoneMD

Smooth out forehead lines, sculpt your contours and lift hooded lids with this expert facial lifting and toning device. Harnessing microcurrent technology, the Trophy Skin RejuvatoneMD works by sending a low level electric current into the skin to energise your facial muscles. This stimulates skin cell regeneration and collagen production, resulting a tighter and firmer appearance.

You only need to spend 60 seconds on each area, so a full facial lifting treatment takes just 5 minutes of your day to complete.

The device comes with 2 modes and 10 power levels, so you can tailor your treatments to you.


Tackle acne in a whole new way thanks to these hands-free blue light devices. Now with 3 wearable patches, you can treat multiple areas simultaneously, or treat a larger problem area - meaning your results are more effective and efficient.

These clever devices transmit blue light therapy underneath your skin to break down and kill acne-causing bacteria. Blue light has been clinically proven to reduce breakouts and inflammation, and has become one of the most common treatments for acne.

Simply wear the device for 20 minutes a day, for 8-12 weeks for best results.

Sensica Sensilift Mini Skin Tightening System

The latest offering from Sensica harnesses clinically proven radio frequency technology to boost the production of collagen, tighten your complexion and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The device penetrates RF waves deep into the dermal layers of your skin. These waves gently heat the skin’s cells to kick-start the natural production of collagen and stimulate blood circulation. The results? A tighter, smoother and healthier-looking complexion.

You can use the device on your face, neck and decolletage. Sensilift Mini’s small electrodes are also perfect for treating smaller areas of the face such as around the eyes and mouth; meaning it’s particularly good for tackling hooded eyelids.


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