The home-use IPL device our customers are loving

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The home-use IPL device our customers are loving

SmoothSkin Bare+ is one of the fastest IPL hair removal devices on the market, completing a full body treatment in just 10 minutes - so it’s no wonder our customers are loving it.

The device comes with unlimited flashes and suitable for treating your legs, underarms, bikini line and face. Plus it emits a powerful 100 flashes per minute, meaning you can say goodbye to daily shaving and stubbly legs for good.

But don’t just take our word for it, read our customers’ SmoothSkin Bare+ reviews and hear what they have to say about this hair-stopping device.

What our customers think...

“I bought this mainly for hair removal from my legs, I was very skeptical and wasn’t expecting the results I got. After 4 weeks of use I have at least 50% less hair growth and still have another 8 weeks before completing the course.”

★★★★★ GT, CurrentBody Customer

“I've been using this for a few weeks now and it's by far the best value hair removal option I've tried. The hair on my legs barely grows back (and there used to be lots of it!) Underarms are taking a bit longer but you can see a difference. Also the hair grows back much softer, so no stubble. Really impressed.”

★★★★★ D, CurrentBody Customer

Very fast indeed. It is good for those who are busy particularly as you won't be sitting there for ages doing this like a choir. Also, unlimited flashes mean you can use this without worrying and hence, you can share with a family member.”

★★★★★ Ume, CurrentBody Customer

“Although it is a pricey purchase… I’m now on my 4th week of using the Smoothskin bare + and there is a noticeable lack of re-growth!! It is so easy to use, my first time took a while but now it’s so quick! It can be a little uncomfortable as it gets hot on my upper lip and armpits...but not enough to stop using it. It’s fab on legs and bikini line. I’m so looking forward to 12 weeks of use and hopefully no re-growth!!! So far so good!!!”

★★★★★ Julia, CurrentBody Customer

"I'm really shocked it has worked so well. I've read mixed reviews about so many different machines that I didn't really believe any of them would work that well. I settled on this one because people said it's quick to use and I'm a very busy person. It's true that it's quick because you can hold the button down and go go go... great function! I've been using it once a week for 5 weeks and my hair growth has slowed down and become really patchy, there are some areas with not hair at all. Even my bikini line has about 70% reduction in the amount growing back. I totally recommend this machine I am so happy with it!"

★★★★★ Christina, CurrentBody Customer

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