Real Skin Stories: It all starts with cleansing

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Real Skin Stories: It all starts with cleansing

For our second skin story series, we’re talking all things cleansing. A good skincare routine has to start with a good cleansing routine. Not just because it should be the first step in your regimen, but it’s the best way to rid your skin of dirt, oil and impurities which can cause a lot of skin concerns.

We spoke to some of our CURRENTBODY staff members this week about tackling breakouts, blemishes and acne, plus we hear what their cleansing routines look like and the best advice they’d give to people battling with similar skin issues.

“There used to be a time when I wouldn’t go a day without wearing makeup”

Leanne tried everything to deal with her acne and breakouts, including visiting aestheticians and doctors. Now she uses a prescription dermalogica service and has invested in other good quality skincare.

Throughout the years she’s learnt a lot about skincare, the importance of investing in her routine and what works well for her skin. But this wasn’t always the case, she told us that there used be a time in her life when she “wouldn’t go a day without wearing makeup”.

Since she’s perfected her skincare routine, Leanne feels much more comfortable in her own skin. She told us that alongside her beloved skincare products, she regularly implements beauty devices into her routine too. “My favourites? Definitely the CURRENTBODY skin LED Light Therapy Mask - it’s really helped to calm my blemish-prone skin. And I’d be lost without my Clarisonic Mia Smart, that’s been a gamechanger for my cleansing routine!”.

We asked her what her biggest skincare lesson is and she replied “be gentle with your skin, and do not over exfoliate. It takes a little while to learn what’s best for you and your skin, but when you discover the perfect skincare routine it’s so worth it.”

“My breakouts definitely do affect my confidence, when you're having a bad skin day it can impact your mood.”

We’re here to normalise that our skin isn’t always perfect, breakouts happen all the time and they’re completely normal. Beth suffers with acne and breakouts especially around her jawline and says it does knock her confidence, but she's learnt that finding a consistent skincare routine has helped her get to a place where she feels happy with her complexion.

“I’ve definitely come to accept my skin more now. My biggest piece of advice would be don’t compare your skin to others’ and work towards the best your skin can be for you.”

She told us that her skincare routine includes cleansing with her Clarisonic Mia Smart & foaming cleanser, an AHA tonic, a hydrating serum (she loves our CURRENTBODY skin Hyaluronic Acid) and a good moisturiser.

She told us that even though she has acne-prone skin, her skin gets really dry and irritated without properly hydrating it-causing her more issues. This is why she told us it's so important to carve out your own personal skincare routine, as everyone's skin is so different.

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