Is the Clarisonic good for wrinkles and anti-ageing?

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Is the Clarisonic good for wrinkles and anti-ageing?

Is the Clarisonic good for wrinkles and anti-aging? We hear this question a lot. Although people are generally aware of the Clarisonic's skin cleansing abilities, there is always a little confusion as to how this translates into tackling wrinkles and preventing aging.

From sonic cleansing accelerating the effectiveness of your skincare to how micro-massage can help you lift and tone your complexion, we’re dispelling the confusion and giving you everything you need to know about how your Clarisonic can help keep wrinkles at bay.

So, is Clarisonic good for wrinkles and anti-ageing?

The Clarisonic works by using patented micro-massage to gently open the pores and flush out any nasties that may be lurking below the surface. While washing with your hands will only scrub away the surface impurities, the Clarisonic helps to flush out your pores and leave you with visibility soft and glowing skin.

And how does this prevent wrinkles?

First up, wrinkles and fine lines will be exaggerated if the skin isn't completely clean. While you may think your makeup remover wipe has taken care of your makeup, a quick swipe across the skin with a splash of toner on cotton wool will often reveal that your skin is far from clean. If this makeup debris is allowed to accumulate it will settle in the fine lines on your face and make them look much, much worse.

The Clarisonic takes off the day and then takes off the years.

How can I elevate my anti-ageing treatment?

Clarisonic have created two attachment heads that are specifically designed for anti-ageing. Queue the Clarisonic Sonic Awakening Eye Massager and the Clarisonic Firming Massage Head.

What do they do?

Clarisonic Eye Massager

Clarisonic Anti-Ageing Attachment Head

Specially designed to target tired eyes and eye bags, this stunningly soothing treatment not only feels like an absolute treat but it also really works.

Compatible with both the Mia Smart and Smart Profile Uplift devices, the head has been tried and tested by both Ophthalmologists and Dermatologists.

Designed to be used alongside any serum or eye cream, simply apply your desired skincare to your eye area and slowly guide the device from the inner of the eye and move outwards.

The results? Reduced puffiness, minimized crow’s feet and a visible reduction in fine line and wrinkles?

Clarisonic Firming Massage Head

Clinically proven to visibly reduce the signs of ageing with just 12 weeks of twice-daily use, this game-changing Firming Massage Head uses 27,000 soothing micro-firming massages per treatment to naturally lift and tone the skin.

Clarisonic Firming Massage Anti-Ageing Attachment

The head can be used with both the Mia Smart and Smart Profile Uplift device and can be used on both the face and the neck - an area that often ages first but can be forgotten about. Designed to improve 15 different signs of ageing, including facial firmness, facial sagging, lifted cheek appearance, facial wrinkles, cheek wrinkles, facial fine lines along with more, it turns your superior facial cleansing device into a powerful anti-ageing tool.


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