Mother's Day: 10 things our mums taught us about beauty

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Mother's Day: 10 things our mums taught us about beauty

While they say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, it isn’t just good genes that are passed down from one generation to another - it’s good beauty advice.

In celebration of Mother’s Day this Sunday, we’ve rounded up the best beauty advice from the leading woman in our lives.

From not brushing your hair when wet to staying out of the sun, we asked the CurrentBody team along with some of our inspirational brand founders to spill the best beauty advice they got from their mum.

Yoanna Gouchtchina, Founder of Kozhya

“Moisturise and take care of your skin from an early age. My mother hardly used colour cosmetics, but she always cared for her skin condition and that transferred to me."

"I am not a big make-up fan but am constantly on the lookout for products that will help my skin to stay conditioned and healthy as it ages.”

Amy Nicholson, Online Editor at CurrentBody

“My mum has always drilled it into me to look after my skin. On my 21st birthday she bought me a rather expensive skincare set featuring cleansers, toners, exfoliators - the lot. Citing that ‘you won’t look like me in 30 years if you don’t start looking after your skin now’. I thank her for it now.”

Katie Brindle, Founder of Hayo’u

"Sleep. Which is why the Hayo’u Method focuses on sleep in a big way.”

Chloe Beveridge, Online Editor at CurrentBody

“Eye cream from birth, don’t touch your face during the day and don’t rub your eyes. Oh and don’t forget about your neck, it’s an area we often forget about but it’s one of the areas prone to wrinkles and sagging.”

Wendy Slattery, Founder of The Beauty Buddy App

“You only have one face look after it! Remove your makeup every night before bed and always choose quality products over quantity.”

Sarah Mitchell, Senior Designer at CurrentBody

“Always wear a hat in the sun. I also used to love watching her putting her makeup on, it looked like an art to me as a child, she never put too much on & blusher was a must (same for me too) my daughter now watches me with curious eyes & questions!”

Lily Simpson, Founder of Detox Kitchen

“Don’t cut a fringe, it’s far too much maintenance!”

Helen Royle, Graphic Designer at CurrentBody

“You are never too young to start using eye cream. Always take your makeup off before bed (no matter how drunk you are!)."

"Oh and don’t use brush on your hair when wet, gently brush through with a wide tooth-comb instead. Your hair is at its weakest when wet so can be prone to breakage.”

Victoria, Photographer and Content Creator at CurrentBody

“Always wear suncream - my mum every day of my life.”

Anne-Marie Odesanya, German Digital Marketing Manager CurrentBody

“My mum’s best advice has always been to moisturise, she says it's the key to her good skin.”

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