Introducing: Asian Beauty

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Introducing: Asian Beauty

As pioneers in the beauty device industry, it’s our mission to continue to bring the best of the world’s beauty technology to the world.

Last year we teamed up with our Chinese partners,Thakral, which enabled us to add China to our evergrowing number of localised sites.

Expanding into China and trading in a new area of the world meant that we realised that there was a whole host of game-changing beauty brands that are incredibly popular with Asian consumers.

Whilst some of our leading brands such as Tripollar, Smoothskin and NuFACE continue to grow their audience in China, it is the emergence of ‘local’ technologies that have seen the biggest rise over the last 12 months - setting the stage for the arrival A-Tech.

Dr Arrivo, Ulike are just two of the latest products to hit the market in China and rather than European and USA success kicking off a new product journey, the trend has very much been reversed. Just like the emergence of Korean beauty are we seeing the emergence of a whole new range of beauty devices.

For the first time Currentbody is showcasing those exciting devices so you can experience the very latest in A-Tech beauty.

What is A-Tech?

Asian consumers have always been extremely sophisticated in how they shop, particularly when it comes to beauty devices. The advancement in their beauty routines has often spurred a constant flow of innovation, meaning their devices are high-tech, high quality and highly effective.

Our A-Tech category enables customers all over the world to access the best quality home use Asian beauty devices, which could previously only be purchased whilst in China.

The category offers high-tech asian brands a platform to showcase their products, and consumers in the west a place to shop and learn about the best asian beauty devices on the market.

Our CEO explains…

Laurence Newman, our CEO says: “It has always been our mission to bring the best of beauty technology to our customers.

Our A-Tech category aims to bring the best-selling technologies and devices from the Asian region to the homes of our customers in the west.

Our beauty device experts have spent the last year scouring the Asian market to bring you a collection of high-tech products that are tried and tested by asian consumers.

The devices in this category regularly make up the top 10 of all electronic devices sold during major Asian shopping festivals such as Chinese New Year, Singles Day and 618 Summer Sale.”

Discover more about Asian Beauty here.

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