How Does The FOREO ISSA Compare to a Regular Electric Toothbrush?

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How Does The FOREO ISSA Compare to a Regular Electric Toothbrush?

By now you may have embraced the idea of cleansing your face with the soft silicon bristles of the Foreo Luna or Foreo Luna Mini. But what about using that same technology to clean your teeth? On the blog this week, we look at how the revolutionary FOREO ISSA toothbrush stacks up against leading electric toothbrushes.

The FOREO ISSA is a revolutionary toothbrush that will change the way you think about cleaning your teeth.


Hygienic Brush Head

The nylon bristles on a regular electric or manual toothbrush may appear clean after rinsing, but the combination of repeated exposure to the bacteria in your mouth and damp conditions can lead to millions of bacteria building up on your brush. The ultra-hygienic silicone bristles on the FOREO ISSA are completely different, as they rinse clean completely after use, and then dry before the damp conditions are able to take hold. AND, unlike other brush heads which need replacing at least every three months, the Ultra Long Battery Life

While some toothbrushes may need charging as frequently as once a week, the FOREO ISSA has an integrated battery that will last for up to 365 uses from a single charge. That means months will go by without you even thinking about charging it up. And with the handy USB charger, there are no pesky charging docks to keep track of.


Flexible Brush Head For Hard To Reach Areas

Unlike a traditional brush head, which generally has bristles of all the same length, the FOREO Issa has an ergonomically designed brush head that tapers down to reach all areas in your mouth. It's also incredibly flexible, allowing you to get a deep but gentle clean – you'll never exert too much pressure on your gums again.

Pulse Technology

Traditional electric toothbrushes work in a mechanical fashion, scrubbing back and forth over your teeth and gums with an abrasive action. The FOREO ISSA uses high intensity pulsations to remove plaque and stains through friction alone. Your gums will also be the healthiest they've ever been, as they will also benefit from a deep massage that will boost circulation.

Why We Love It

The humble toothbrush was long overdue a re-think! I love the fresh design that brightens up my bathroom and gives me a reason to smile – and the results speak for themselves. If you're ready to have the cleanest mouth you've ever experienced, then trust me, you need the FOREO ISSA in your life.

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