Get Your Groom On: Top Grooming Products for Men

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Get Your Groom On: Top Grooming Products for Men

There has been a pivotal shift in male pampering culture during the last decade. Men’s toiletries used to consist of shampoo, deodorant, shaving cream and not much else. But from all corners of the world, bathroom cabinets in many homes now brim with moisturisers, facial cleansers, eye serums, bronzers, concealers, anti-agers and even beauty devices—all designed specifically for men. What’s more, by 2024, the global male grooming market is estimated to be worth about 29.14 billion U.S. dollars, according to Kantar.

The ‘Love Island effect’ is clearly seen in the male toiletries market, with hair removal products the fastest growing category for male shoppers – up 25% year-on-year, with £6m worth of sales in the past year. 3.7% of men have up bought into hair removal, which represents 142,000 more men shopping the category, according to Kantar.

Too right we think. Men have just as much right to focus on their skin and body as women and we have the perfect edit of male grooming products for you to shop from this Wellbeing Week. Read on for more.

Hair Removal: Smoothskin Muse

“This device was very simple to use, and my first treatment was quick and pain free. Sticking to the advised treatment plan, I quickly noticed my hair started to grow back much slower than it previously had. After just a couple of treatments, I could go several weeks without having to epilate.” Mr Shah, CurrentBody Customer

We recommend the SmoothSkin Muse device for getting rid of unwanted hair permanently. This contemporary device has been especially designed to stunt your hair cycle and prevent regrowth, ensuring permanent hair reduction. SmoothSkin Muse automatically scans the treatment area to select the best light intensity for your skin tone, giving you long-lasting salon-standard results without compromising on safety. With unlimited flashes and a built-in UV filter, this device holds enough power to last for a lifetime’s worth of treatments.

Suitable for use across the legs, chest, underarms and face, the device treats your whole body in less than 20 minutes.

Cleansing: Clarisonic Alpha Fit Cleansing Brush

“Before trying Alpha Fit, cleaning my face was just water and shower gel in the shower. The lads in the office have given it a go and when you see the results yourself, I can see why they like it.” Jack, Warehouse Manager & Clarisonic Ambassador

Oscillating 300 times per second, the Clarisonic Alpha Fit works with your skin’s natural elasticity to remove oil, bacteria and other impurities from beneath the surface. The result? Fewer spots, less blackheads, and overall touchably soft skin. It’s a must have addition to your shaving routine, especially if you suffer with ingrown hairs or sensitive skin. The sonic pulsations will help to soften your facial hair and make for easier gliding when it comes to using a razor or shaver.

The Clarisonic Alpha Fit is the perfect size for slotting into your gym bag, to give your face the post-workout freshen up it deserves. Plus, with a simplistic design it’ll look great in your bathroom too.

Exfoliating: PMD Microdermabrasion For Men

“After just three uses skin looked much brighter, softer, and best of all, their large pores were significantly reduced.” The Independent

Designed for male skin and combining a vacuum with patented aluminium oxide spinning discs, this clever microdermabrasion device removes dead skin to leave your face looking fresher and smoother. As the device moves over your skin, the dull skin barrier is buffed and sucked away, increasing your blood flow and giving you a healthier complexion.

Not only does the PMD rid smooth skin, it also stimulates the bodys collagen and elastin production, leaving skin tighter and more youthful looking. Plus, with interchangeable heads, you can tailor the microderm treatment to suit your skin type.

Cleansing: FOREO LUNA 2 For Men

“I’ve never gotten more compliments on my skin, including from skincare professionals.” Men’s Health

FOREO know that men’s skin is just as important as women’s and have designed the FOREO LUNA 2 for Men specifically with that in mind. Strategic distinctions between the front and back side ensures that you get a deep cleansing experience whilst your skin also gets the benefits of the anti-ageing surface.

We love that it helps prepare your skin for the best shave ever, and it also helps prevent razor burn too. While it is kind and gentle on the skin, its thick touch-points are an excellent way to cleanse the skin, to help remove dirt and oil and ensure that is protects your skin’s natural moisture barrier. Designed to fit in the palm of your hand, take this cleansing device for men with you no matter where you are to keep your skin looking youthful with its combined anti-ageing feature too.

Sleep: Beurer SL70 Snore Stopper

“The earphones sent vibrations into your ear and this is meant to curb – if not stop – your snoring” This Morning

Elimating snoring can improve sleep quality for everyone in your home by 20%, making you brighter and more alert during the day. Bluetooth enabled Gentle Snore Therapy detects user noise through voice and bone conduction vibration signals. The real-time noise detection triggers a soft vibration alarm to gentle modify snoring patterns.

Regular use can prevent snoring with variable vibration intensities, improving sleep patterns across your household. You’ll start to hear the results of Snore Stopper immediately as snoring sounds reduce until they are barely noticeable.

Hair Loss: iGrow Laser Hair Rejuvenation System

“My hairline has grown back while the overall health of my hair has improved” Forbes

The combination of features within the iGrow Laser Hair Rejuvenation System make it a best-in-class device that delivers real results. Using Low-Level Light Therapy to stimulate hair growth, the light penetrates the scalp and energises the hair follicles and molecules to encourage natural hair growth.

Unlike handheld laser devices, the helmet-style of the iGrow covers a large amount of the scalp and means that the laser is as close as possible to the hair follicles, allowing the device to deliver maximum regrowth.

Quick and easy to use, the iGrow has been designed to be used every other day. Each treatment takes just 20 – 25 minutes and you can expect to see results in just 4 months.

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