Dentist 101: Effective Brushing

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Dentist 101: Effective Brushing

Dentists are some of the only people we will allow to get up close and personal with our appearance. However, often we find it challenging to have an honest conversation with them as we fear their honest feedback. Unfortunately, many of us are more concerned with cosmetic dentistry than simple oral hygiene. Gum disease is an incredibly common dental issue in the UK, with over 50% of the country's population having experienced it in their lifetime, and only 48% regularly visiting the dentist for check-ups. As we all brush our teeth on a daily basis and our next dentist visit may be far away, it's essential to make sure our brushing technique is on point.

In celebration of World Oral Health Day, we spoke to FOREO's celebrity dentist and ambassador Dr Mark Hughes to talk about everyday dental hygiene and the small changes. Here's what he had to say.

What's the biggest dental mistake we're making right now?

The biggest mistake that most people make is only brushing their teeth after breakfast. The main purpose of brushing is to remove the bacteria from the surface of your teeth, and it's essential to do that first thing in the morning - even if it's just with a wet toothbrush. Once you have had your breakfast, wait 30-40 minutes before brushing again with toothpaste to leave your mouth feeling clean and fully refreshed.

So what should our everyday routines look like?

Brush with a wet toothbrush to remove bacteria, floss to loosen debris and brush with toothpaste before rinsing out with mouthwash. If possible, avoid using alcohol mouthwash which can be harsh on your gums - I'd recommend opting for a floride-based solution instead.

What's different about the FOREO ISSA 2?

Building on FOREO's iconic sonic cleansing technology, the FOREO ISSA 2 combats sensitivity by using a unique combination of silicone and bristles on the brush head. The pure look and feel of the technology makes a convenient change to your bathroom cabinet, making a huge difference to your daily routine with no additional effort required. The device has been specifically designed for comfort: the silicone edges are soft on the gums, while the bristles ensure thorough and effective teeth cleansing. The brush head itself is curved to suit the contours of your mouth, whilst the built-in timer allows you to create a truly bespoke treatment.

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