A guide to Alpha-Stim

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A guide to Alpha-Stim

If you've been searching for a drug-free treatment for anxiety, insomnia, depression or stress, you may have come across Alpha-Stim. The brand have engineered an NHS-approved, non-invasive device that has been proven to relieve your symptoms.

Understandably, we get asked many questions from our customers about how Alpha-Stim works, what Alpha-Stim does and if there are any side effects. We've compiled a list of the most popular FAQs so you can decide if Alpha-Stim is the right treatment for you.

What does Alpha-Stim do?

Alpha-Stim uses CES (Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation) to sending tiny electrical impulses via the earclips. This calms and relaxes the body, aiding relief from anxiety, stress, depression and insomnia.

What can Alpha-Stim be used for?

Alpha-Stim has been proven to aid the symptoms of those suffering with anxiety, stress, depression and insomnia.

All of these disorders are controlled by electrochemicals in the brain. The CES technology harnessed by Alpha-Stim Aid uses a tiny microcurrent, that mimics the electrical current in the brain, to modulate the nerve cells in your brand and alleviate your symptoms.

Studies have also shown that the device is effective for treating headaches and migraines too.

Do you need a prescription for Alpha-Stim?

In the USA, a medical practitioner will need to prescribe the Alpha-Stim Aid Device. The device is available over the counter for the rest of the world, without a prescription.

Can you use Alpha-Stim too much?

Because the device emits a tiny level of microcurrent, no harm can come from ‘overusing’ your device. However, you should aim to use the device in accordance with the user manual or your licensed healthcare practitioner.

Most users find their best results come from using the device one a day, or every other day. You can adjust your treatments based on your condition and symptoms, tailoring the number and length of treatments to what works for you.

The results from the device are cumulative too, meaning that you should begin to notice visible improvements that allow you to use the device less frequently over time.

You should always conduct your treatments using a comfortable setting, you’ll know if the setting is too high if you can feel a tingling sensation on your earlobes or you begin to feel slightly dizzy.

Is Alpha-Stim a TENS unit?

Alpha-Stim performs differently to a TENS unit, the key differences are:


  • Blocks pain by using a gate control theory method
  • Typically alleviates physical pains
  • Is transmitted via adhesive electrode patches
  • Provides quick but often short-term results
  • To maintain results, TENS units require increasing current


  • Modulates your cells to baseline brain activity and alleviate symptoms
  • Alleviates symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, depression and stress
  • Transmitted via ear clips or AS-Trodes
  • Quick, sustainable results
  • Results are cumulative meaning less treatments needed over time

Are there any side effects to using Alpha-Stim?

Generally there are no serious side effects to worry about when using Alpha-Stim. However, you may feel dizzy after using the device, this may occur when the setting is turned up too high.

You may also experience minor headaches after using Alpha-Stim, again this can be caused by the same reason.

Some users may also experience mild skin irritations from the electrodes or ear clips.

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