5 reasons you shouldn't buy fake Clarisonic brush heads

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5 reasons you shouldn't buy fake Clarisonic brush heads

Looking to stock up on your favourite Clarisonic brush heads? With Clarisonic officially closing their doors, don't be tempted to buy fake brush heads. They wont be crafted with the same expert quality or patented technology, so they could really do damage to your skin.

You can still buy official Clarisonic brush heads right here at CurrentBody. Plus you even have the option to stock up and buy a year’s supply of Clarisonic Radiance Brush Heads, Clarisonic Sensitive Brush Heads and Clarisonic Deep Pore Brush Heads.

Still not convinced? Here’s 5 reasons why you shouldn’t buy fake Clarisonic brush heads:

1. They’re harsh on your skin

Real Clarisonic brush heads are designed with patented end-rounding processes to ensure that they never cause damage to your skin, even on the most sensitive skin types. Fake Clarisonic brush heads won’t have been made with the same rigorous testing and screening, which can cause redness, breakages and inflammation.

2. They don’t last as long

Fake Clarisonic brush heads are guaranteed to not last as long, due to the way they’re crafted and the lack of quality checks. You’ll find that the bristles will begin to fray or even fall out very quickly. This means you’ll have to keep buying replacements, costing you more money in the long run.

3. They’re nowhere near as effective

Clarisonic’s brush heads have been crafted in a way that won’t damage your skin, but will give you a deep, effective cleanse. The shape of each brush head is specifically designed to treat a different skin concern. It's not a coincidence that their unique texture, shape and length are proven to unclog pores, cleanse away dirt build up, and even remove long-lasting makeup.

These brush head designs are unique to Clarisonic and have been rigorously tested and screen-checked by the brand. Fake Clarisonic brush heads unfortunately won’t have been crafted with the same expert design and technology or been through the same testing process, meaning you won’t get anywhere near the same skin-glowing results.

4. They harbour bacteria

Official Clarisonic brush heads are made from a special material that doesn’t harbour bacteria. Of course it’s still recommended to clean your Clarisonic brush head and device regularly, but you know that you’re already protected from bacteria breeding on your brush head.

You won’t get the same guarantee with fake brush heads, so you could actually be doing more harm to your skin than good. You don’t want to be putting a dirty brush head on your face when you’re trying to cleanse your skin.

5. They won't fit your Clarisonic properly

Clarisonic brush heads are designed to work in conjunction with the brand’s patented oscillation technology. Fake Clarisonic brush heads don’t always fit on the device properly, resulting in the brush head not oscillating in the way that they’re designed to, to gently flex the pores and flush out oils and dirt.

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