5 minute eye-awakening morning routine

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5 minute eye-awakening morning routine

Missing the salon? This week, our Graphic Designer Helen shows us how she’s transformed the time she'd usually spend on her morning commute time into a dreamy eye-awakening morning facial.

Finding time in the morning to care for my skin is so important to me. I like being able to instantly target specific problem areas that will help to brighten my skin ready for the day ahead, like if my eyes look a bit tired for example.

Getting into the habit of doing a skincare regimen in the morning also sets me up for the day, but obviously there's huge benefits for my skin too - like helping to protect it against environmental aggressors. I haven't been wearing much makeup lately as I've been inside, so I want to use this time to get my best skin yet and feel like the best version of myself.


The first thing I do when I wake up is cleanse my face. This is super important as overnight our skin secretes sweat, oil and other gunk, so we need to cleanse all of the build-up away.

I always cleanse with a cleansing device, I’ve been using the Clarisonic Mia Smart for around 2 years now and so I’ve really nailed down my routine. My top tip would be to use 2-3 different brush heads throughout the week, this way you can target different concerns. There’s loads to choose from like the Deep Pore Brush to flush out pores, or the Revitalizing Brush to reduce the signs of fine, dry lines. You can create your weekly cleansing routine with the brush heads that meet your own skin concerns. For example, my weekly cleansing routine typically looks like this:

I use the Radiance Brush Head 4 times a week, this is my go-to brush head when I’m wanting a gentler, daily cleanse. The bristles are soft and gentle on skin, so you could cleanse both morning and night with it if you wanted. The rounded bristles deliver a deep cleanse and the soft elastomers in between them help to massage away any impurities.

Then twice a week I’ll make sure I use the Deep Pore Brush Head, this one focuses on detoxifying the skin and minimising the appearance of pores. The bristles get to work refining congested pores and helps to achieve a deeper cleanse than the Radiance Brush Head. I wouldn’t recommend using this brush head everyday, but it’s great for using once or twice a week when you feel your skin needs that extra cleanse. It’s ideal after you’ve worn a full face of makeup or need to remove suncream too.

If I feel like my skin really needs exfoliating I’ll pop on the Exfoliating Brush Head once a week. The soft triangular bristles deeply exfoliate the skin, buffing away any dead skin cells and the build up of oil and dirt. Over time, this brush head helps to improve skin texture, minimise pores and brighten your complexion. Its unique shape gives precise exfoliation, plus the bristles are soft, rounded and 100% flexible so you can enjoy a satisfying exfoliation without worrying about damaging your skin.

So after selecting a brush head, I wet my face and the brush head, then apply a small amount of foaming cleanser to it. I then select the daily cleanse option, I choose to use the 60 second cleanse just to do a quick treatment before work. After that, I pat my skin dry ready for the next treatment.

Awaken tired eyes

After cleansing, I use the NuFACE FIX to instantly target fine lines and firm up the skin around my eyes - it's one of my favourite treatments to do. It’s the perfect way to awaken tired eyes and lift the eyebrow area, instantly brightening my complexion ready for the day ahead. Plus it only takes 3 minutes to complete, so it’s a great treatment to incorporate into your morning routine if you’re going to commit some more time to your skin regimen.

The device harnesses microcurrent technology to deliver a non-surgical ‘facial lift’. It works by mimicking the body’s natural current, sending tiny electrical impulses to the facial muscles, stimulating and accelerating skin cell regeneration. This encourages collagen production and helps to erase signs of ageing. It’s a completely non-invasive and painless procedure and it’s a great alternative if you don’t want to go down the fillers route.

I love the FIX because of how easy it is to use, you just use a feathering motion, which is similar to the movement you would make if you were using an eraser; think of it as if you were smoothing away any fine lines underneath your eyes. I work my way around my eye bag area using this motion, and then move around the outside of my eyes.

To lift my eyebrows, I hold the device underneath my eyebrow for a few seconds at a time, starting towards the centre and working my way outwards towards the arch. This helps to lift the brow area and opens up the eyelid space underneath which is perfect if you’re looking a little tired in the morning.

I repeat the same process of feathering and lifting on the other eye, with the whole treatment only taking 3 minutes to complete. You can also use the FIX around your mouth, to plump the lips and smooth away any fine lines in this area too. Because the device is so small, I can even take it to work with me in my bag too if I fancy a lunchtime lift!

Top tip: Using the NuFACE FIX Serum with the FIX will give your skin that extra burst of energy during treatments. It aids the tightening and firming of the skin, whilst helping to brighten your skin and lock in moisture.

Ready, set, glow

Finally, I treat my skin to a hydrating face mask. Now usually face masks can be quite time consuming, with the need to apply and leave to work their magic for 15-20 minutes. But with the FOREO UFO 2 Smart Mask Device I can get the same results in just 90 seconds.

The device combines the latest skincare technologies to deliver a salon-worthy facial in minutes. Heat therapy softens the skin, opening the pores to prepare for treatment. T-sonic pulsations work to boost the absorption of skincare, diffusing the mask’s essence deep into the skin. Cryotherapy soothes skin and also helps to firm and plump the skin after treatment. It also harnesses 8 different LED light therapies, to deliver targeted treatments for different skin concerns, from blemishes and ageing skin, to skin that needs hydrating or soothing from irritants.

My favourite mask for a morning treatment is FOREO Make My Day. The mask deeply hydrates the skin and it’s rich in antioxidants too, so it helps to protect your skin from environmental pollutants throughout the day. Packed with Hyaluronic Acid, it really helps to energise and hydrate my skin, perfect in the morning for brightening my complexion.

I attach the mask to the device, and connect the device to the FOREO For You app. I’d highly recommend this step as it helps to guide you through the treatments. Then I simply glide the device over my face and let the device do its thing, it will automatically go through the different temperature and technology changes throughout the treatment. Afterwards I pat any remaining essence into my skin and let it sink in, now my skin is all prepped and ready for a new day!

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