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In homage to International Women’s Day on the 8th March, we’ve dedicated an entire month to celebrating all things female.

From brand founders to industry opinion leaders, we take a look at the work, life and secrets behind some of beauty’s most successful females.

Innovator, CEO, and problem solver for thousands of women - it’s all in a day’s work for Tania Boler, Founder and CEO of revolutionary women’s tech brand Elvie.

Founding the brand after noticing a lack of technology that supported female focused issues, we caught up with her to talk secrets to success, biggest challenges and how she plans to change the world for women with her game-changing devices.


“As a woman, if I want to do my pelvic floor exercise, why should I lie in a bed in a hospital and be hooked up to a horrible machine?

I just thought, what if you could have something where you could walk around at home and it would be fun - like a personal workout that was motivating, it would be quick, 5 mins and easy.”


Renowned beauty journalist, ex-Vogue contributor and founder of the no-nonsense guide to non-surgical beauty treatments, The Tweakments Guide, it’s safe to say that Alice Hart-Davis is a trusted force within the beauty industry.

We caught up with her at her London home to discuss her Vogue days, the advice she'd give to her younger self and her top three desert island beauty devices.


“Devices are a fantastic addition to your beauty routine because they allow you to bring salon treatments home.

You might not live in the middle of London and have access to all of the clinics, or you might not even have the time or the budget to go for a session of LED therapy for example - so these are things you can do at home.”


She’s the Co-founder of NuFACE and the inspirational female whose family has transformed the way we age with the magic of home-use microcurrent.

We sit down with Tera Peterson to talk about her relationship with her mum, the definition of real beauty and future plans for the world’s leading microcurrent brand.


“My mum has worked with microcurrent since 1985, back then she would treat the most famous faces in Hollywood.

Then, she realised as she and her clients were getting older, there was a need for more frequent microcurrent treatments.”


An engineer, physicist and entrepreneur, Sharon has taken the world by storm with her genius invention - the DAFNI Ceramic Hair Straightening Brush.

Inspired by her desire to help busy working mums who don’t have much time in the morning, Sharon spent over three perfecting the revolutionary technology. 


“I bought a straightener to tame my hair but whilst using it, I quickly noticed that I spent hours a week straightening my hair."


Ex-broker turned beauty phenomenon, Dara Levy is a force to be reckoned with. After the tragedy of losing her beloved husband in 1997, Dara embarked on a career change and opened her first MedSpa where she trademarked her DERMAFLASH treatments.

The inspirational brand founder discusses life before Dermaflash, how 'can’t' isn’t a word in her vocabulary and why everyone should be shaving their face.


“DERMAFLASH is specifically designed for the delicate skin and peach fuzz on a woman’s face.

If you are a woman and you have skin this device is for you. This little magic wand was created by a woman (me!) for ALL women, regardless of age, skin tone, type, or color.”


After growing up watching her grandfather prescribe medicines that combine Western and Chinese medical principles, it’s hardly surprising that Ada has carved a career out of helping people to look and feel their best.

Fast forward a couple of decades and Ada is a celebrity facialist who has founded her own skincare brand, 001 Skincare London.


“I always talk about treating the skin from within, but whilst I can do that in my treatment room, I wanted to create a solution that would allow people to be able to do it from home.”


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