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Perhaps you’ve seen Radio Frequency mentioned as a technology used in medical spas or salons, but do you know what it’s all about?

What is Radio Frequency?

This popular in-clinic technology is famous for making a real impact in rejuvenating the skin through facials and body treatments.

With the arrival of home-use devices on the market, you can now harness that same salon-standard technology to achieve the same powerful results. Over time, continued use will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving skin feeling tighter, firmer and renewed.

What’s more is there is no downtime, meaning it’s a perfect option for a last-minute skincare pick-me-up. To reap the true benefits, you’ll need to use Radio Frequency technology on a regular basis, topping up on treatments to maintain your results.

You can expect to notice a significant difference in your skin’s tone after just 8 weeks.

How does it work?

The technology harnesses 4 low-power beams deep into the deeper levels of your skin, heating the cells up to 40 degrees.

It feels like a hot stone massage, delivering a comfortable and soothing level of warmth. This focussed heat treatment gently stimulates dermal activity to activate the natural production of collagen, gradually improving your skin’s natural contours and overall condition.

This leaves the skin feeling tighter and more toned with more supple and improved contours.

For best results, we recommend using Radio Frequency technology on a regular basis to slow down and reverse the signs of ageing on all skin types and tones.

How can I use Radio Frequency?

Start your treatment by cleansing the treatment area thoroughly to remove any excess sebum, product debris and external pollutants from the skin’s surface.

Prep the skin by applying the conductivity gel to the skin and placing the device in full contact with the skin.

Ideally, the treatment area should be divided into a number of smaller focus areas, gliding the device across the surface in slow, circular motions to achieve the optimal temperature for cellular regeneration.

It’s the perfect treatment to indulge and rejuvenate your skin 2-3 times per week, taking as little as 20 minutes to boost your younger-looking appearance in an entirely natural way.

Our product expert says…

Our customers have been raving about our latest Radio Frequency facial and body devices, and it’s not hard to see why.

It’s an entirely natural alternative to fillers, and you can even personalise your treatment to target specific areas of concern within a matter of minutes, giving yourself the boost that your skin needs.

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