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Ancient beauty traditions are having a beauty moment right now, with Chinese Jade stones making a special appearance on the bathroom counters of many beauty enthusiasts around the globe. What is all the fuss about?

What is it?

One of the most highly esteemed stones in Chinese history, Jade is a completely natural stone that is made up of jadeite or nephrite. In the beauty world, the stone is often used to create handheld tools often known as ‘Jade rollers’ or ‘Jade stones'.

Specifically designed to reduce puffiness under the eyes, sculpt the face and minimise the appearance of fine lines across the skin. Jade stones have been used by China’s beauty elite since the 17th century, with the gentle Gua Sha massage technique being a key part of holistic Chinese medicine.

Daily stresses reduce blood flow and increase tensions, which accelerate the ageing process. This age-old ritual aims to allow your complexion to unwind, boosting circulation up to 400%.

How does it work?

Jade boasts a range of skincare benefits - mainly evening out your skin tone and cooling and calming the skin. It can also be a great way to tone your face before applying contoured make-up.

When used as a roller, gentle pressure is applied to the face, encouraging lymphatic drainage, relaxation of the muscles and boosting the natural detoxification process.

It provides a more effective manual massage than hands alone, adding a natural element to your everyday routine.

How can I use it?

Thoroughly cleanse the skin before using the roller or stone to apply gentle pressure up and down the face.

Slightly increased pressure on the upwards strokes will boost circulation, bringing a slightly flushed appearance to the skin.

For best results, we recommend imagining the nose as the central point and very gently rolling away to the jawline to smooth away toxins.

Once you have finished your roller treatment, simply apply your favourite serum or moisturiser to make sure the skin is fully hydrated and rested.

Our product expert says…

Before you use this technique, you won’t realise how much built-up stress and tension your facial muscles are actually holding. Try incorporating this into your wind-down routine in the evening for a little me-time that’s good for your complexion too.

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