Why Philips is One of the Most Trusted Brands in the World

by Chloe Beveridge

Why Philips is One of the Most Trusted Brands in the World
We're please to announce that we now stock Philips products here at CURRENTBODY. As we welcome this fantastic brand on board, we thought it fitting to round up the top 5 reasons why Philips has become one of the most trusted brands in the electrical sector, and why we're so excited to sell their products.
  1. They’ve been around a long time…

Philips have been around since 1891 and they now employ over 122,000 members of staff. When you buy a Philips product, you can rest assured that years of experience have gone into creating it.
  1. They have some of the brightest minds in the business on their team

Philips don’t just make health and beauty products, they also produce hi-tech medical equipment like ultrasound, ECG and radiography machines. All of their products are feature trusted technology and are of the utmost reliability.
  1. They do their bit for the environment

In Greenpeace's 2012 Guide to Greener Electronics (that ranks electronics manufacturers on sustainability, climate and energy and how green their products are) Philips ranks in the top 10. They are currently involved in over 200 social investment projects too.
  1. They’re number one in the electric shavers market

Philips introduced their first electric razor in 1939 and, through research and constant evolution, have continued to dominate the sector ever since.
  1. We’re not the only ones who love them…

Over one million Philips consumer products are sold every day, proving how trusted they are all over the world. [mwi_product sku="PH-PH200201,PH-PH526512,PH-PH823303" img_width="150" desc="false" type="view" cols="3"/]
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