What Is The Wellbox?

by Chloe Beveridge

What Is The Wellbox?

You may have seen the Wellbox in your local department store. It's a large, egg-like device with all manner of tubes and rollers housed inside. To say it's intimidating would be an understatement. The Wellbox is one of the largest and priciest devices we stock – but it also happens to be one of the most versatile. If you can wade through the techno lingo and swathes of stats, you'll soon discover that the Wellbox is incredible for one thing: making us look and feel incredible. And this is music to our ears!

Tell me more about the Wellbox

Like all of our devices, the Wellbox is an at-home version of the popular salon treatment, Endermology. This is a scientific term for a mechanical massage that helps to restructure the way fat is deposited below the surface of your skin and results in a smoother appearance. No more orange peel skin riddled with dimples and shadows.

We all know that exercise and diet can only do so much for the appearance of cellulite – it plagues even the most slender of women – so there comes a point (usually just before bikini season) that we all go in search of a cellulite busting miracle. There are creams, serums, compression leggings and even caffeine-infused tights that promise to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Anyone who has tried these methods will tell you that the results are minimal and temporary at best, and even nonexistent at worst. The Wellbox offers a scientifically proven alternative to these methods.

To understand how the Wellbox works, you have to first understand how cellulite works.

As this diagram demonstrates, the fat cells that cause cellulite bulge upwards and create dimples in the flesh. To achieve smooth skin, we have to find a way to smooth out these enlarged fat cells. The Wellbox achieves this through a pleasant massage and suction action that penetrates the skin and helps to realign the fat cells. This action also boosts circulation to the treated area, flushes out toxins from the skin, and reduces water retention.

Not only is the Wellbox suitable for use on the body, but you can also use it to boost collagen production in the face and neck. So, for a fraction of the cost of a salon treatment, and without resorting to drastic measures such as surgery, you can carry out all of these treatments at home. And while the salon treatments might need topping up every few months, you'll be able to carry out the same treatment from your home, all without paying another penny.

If you're still curious about the Wellbox, take a look at this comparison of the at-home and salon versions of Endermology, and this video introduction to the Wellbox.

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