Talika - The Story Behind The Parisian Skincare Brand

by Chloe Beveridge

Talika - The Story Behind The Parisian Skincare Brand

From WWII to the latest in beauty devices - The Talika story.


This week I visited the quirky headquarters of Talika, a specialist French skincare brand steeped in history with more than an ‘eye’ on the rapidly expanding device market. Their offices sit in the shadows of the Eiffel Tower in an affluent corner of Paris. In amongst little patisseries and boutiques, I found Talika HQ in a grand old Parisian house, a hidden gem in all senses of the word.

Some will know that eye care is, of course, what Talika is famous for, and I asked Talika Director, William Avelino about where it all began.

Talika History From 1948

Talika History

William quickly placed a small empty pot in front of me, something that looked like it belonged in a museum. It turns out that they had recently been sent in a pot of the first ever Talika eye cream from 1948. The legend is that a young eye specialist in hospitals of Paris, named Danielle Roches, treated those war-wounded. The special cream made with plant extracts helped treat their eye injuries, but had a very surprising side effect. It significantly boosted the growth of a patient’s eyelashes and eyebrows.

This exciting discovery was the origin of the now-legendary Lipocils, the first treatment that stimulates lash growth. Lipocils sit behind the success of Talika products, with millions of loyal followers worldwide. The pot now carries more than a resemblance to the 1948 product, and in amongst the samples scattered around the room were numerous awards for their innovation. No great trophy cabinet, just recognition of their work mixed in with samples, open pots, new packaging, prototypes - a real Aladdin’s cave of beauty provided the backdrop to our meeting.

I enjoyed this story, no doubt one that has been boosted itself over the years, but it felt perfect for the brand, and it was evident from our surroundings that Talika had stayed very faithful to its roots. Danielle went on to create a company dedicated to eye care, yet still, niche and pioneering in this area, as they continued to expand with formulas for face, hands and body treatments.

Talika's Journey


The company has since been taken on by Alexis de Brosses and his love for exploration, traveling, and natural treatments have seen the steady progression of the brand. In his words “All of Talika’s products are inspired by natural biological mechanisms, respectful of physiological balances that are essential for healthy skin. The products have powerful concentrates of natural active ingredients which boost original cellular functions. Every product in itself is a small revolution”. His extensive travels clearly have had an enormous influence, and their light-based devices even have close links to NASA.

I appreciate these values and his vision; some of the most innovative products I have come in contact with over 20 years stem from experimental findings, but also natural ingredients with more than a sprinkling of ancient Chinese remedies. Talika has built a range around his beliefs and that of his predecessors, but their commitment to devices is of most interest to myself and of course CurrentBody.

What's Next For Talika

Talika has a pipeline of innovative devices over the next three years, and the one we are about to launch is something I have been searching for some time. I won’t give too much away, but fluid retention and heaviness on the legs is a problem I have come across in many women from my aesthetic clinic days and a home use device to help is a breakthrough.

Although now in 60 countries, Talika may not be well known, but they have recognised, like ourselves, that devices will play a vital role in our skincare regimes. Their CEO Alexis sees Talika as a mixture of discovery, science and technology, and that is something we look forward to sharing with you.

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