T3 Lucea ID: A Masterclass with Luke Pluckrose

by Carly Hibbins

T3 Lucea ID: A Masterclass with Luke Pluckrose

T3 recently launched their latest innovation, the Lucea ID - the first of its kind, professional hair straightener which delivers a completely bespoke styling experience. To celebrate the launch, we teamed up with T3 to deliver a zoom masterclass, featuring special guest, celebrity stylist Luke Pluckrose. Because what better way to spend all the extra time we have at home than perfecting our hair styling technique?

Attended by the likes of Jagoda Furtado, Sanna Nohseen and Dominique Allison, the interactive masterclass showed us how to create a whole host of looks - all easily achieved in minutes with the T3 Lucea ID’s ultra-smart heat technology. From perfectly tousled beach waves to luscious curly locks, Luke Pluckrose demonstrated how the flat iron’s ceramic gloss plates and innovative ion generator technology lock in frizz-free styles with minimal effort.

Our attendees got to follow along with Luke Pluckrose and try out their newly learned tips on their own hair, each experiencing a personalised styling treatment - thanks to the Lucea ID’s diagnostic feature. By simply inputting your hair length, texture and colour, this smart flat iron automatically adjusts the heat temperature allowing you to mindlessly style your hair.

What is the T3 Lucea ID?

The T3 Lucea ID is a professional flat iron which harnesses smart technology to deliver a styling experience that’s completely tailored to you. Its touch screen interface lets you input your hair type and automatically adjusts the temperature to limit unnecessary heat exposure. With 9 heat settings range from 127°C - 210°C, these sleek straighteners deliver precise styling for every hair type and texture.

T3’s Rapid HeatIQ Technology uses a smart microchip to monitor any fluctuations in heat, to maintain a consistent temperature along the device’s plates. This evenly distributes heat for fast styling and helps to protect your locks.

Does it eliminate frizz?

Yes, this sleek hair straightener boasts many other features which ensure frizz-free, long-lasting styling. T3's CeraGloss Ceramic Plates run smoothly over your hair, locking in long-lasting, shiny results.

T3's unique StyleEdge Design straightens, waves or curls your hair in a single pass. Its curved edges glide over your hair without snagging or causing frizz.

What's Refresh Mode?

Hit Refresh Mode to restyle your hair on the second day. It's perfect for styling bangs or previously styled hair, as at the touch of a button T3 Lucea ID automatically adjusts to a lower temperature. You're able to retouch your hair and limit heat exposure too.

So while it's not the cheapest hair straightener on the market, its genius personalisation technology, user-friendly interface and innovative styling features certainly make this professional flat iron worth the investment. It's really no wonder it won Allure's Best of Beauty Breakthrough Award.

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