How to sleep better

by Chloe Beveridge

How to sleep better

How to sleep better | CurrentBodyOur days are filled with sleep rituals. Perhaps it begins with an energising early-morning workout followed by a soothing skincare routine to prepare you for the day ahead. Maybe it’s dressing down after hours to end the working day and relax into home life. When it comes to settling down for the night, how much do we really focus on getting a good night’s sleep?

Sleep matters

For many of us, sleep rituals go way back to childhood. Remember getting tucked up in bed and listening to a bedtime story? That’s where the good habits begin. It’s all about getting into good habits and exploring your natural rhythm, making time to indulge yourself and fully unwind. Learning how to sleep well certainly becomes more important as we get older. As time goes by, we experience fluctuations in our circadian rhythms, with most people waking up an average of 6 times per night. The shift in our internal clocks changes how we respond to light and dark, making it harder to fall asleep and stay rested throughout the night. Even if you don’t get chance to sleep as much as you need to, these simple steps can ensure you’re making the most of the time you have available.

Wind down

Start by taking a warm bath or a long hot shower with a nourishing shower oil, cleansing and hydrating your skin with fragrant aromas. This is the time to melt away the daily pressures and stresses that surround you. Create the optimum clean sleeping environment with an Beurer LR 330 Air Purifier with Humidifier. Slip into some luxurious pyjamas and a soft dressing gown keeps you warm afterwards and maintain that pampered feeling.

Control your light exposure

Bedrooms should be reserved for relaxation: no screens, no distractions. Making sure the room is completely dark increases melatonin in your body, which in turn makes you feel more drowsy and helps you sleep for longer. The Slip Pure Silk Sleep Mask is also great for beating the morning light, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines at the same time. Plus, it gives your bedroom some added glamour when paired with either the queen slip silk pillowcase or the king slip silk pillowcase

Minimise interruptions

Sometimes sleep disruption is beyond your control, but it’s important to reduce any background noise to maintain focus. If you share your space with a snorer, the Beurer SL 70 Snore Stopper is a wearable device that can be incredibly effective at reducing snoring. The Bluetooth enabled earpiece releases subtle tones and vibrations when it detects noise, improving behaviour almost instantly. Perfect for making sure both yourself and sleeping beauty get a good night’s rest.

Find your rhythm

It can be challenging to regulate your sleeping patterns, especially when travelling or experiencing stress and change. The Beurer SE 80 Sleep Expert is great for improving these habits over time. It measures and analyses your heart rate, respiratory rate and movement display for long-term behaviour monitoring. Simply slip it under your mattress and connect to the app on your phone to create your very own sleep laboratory.

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