It's time to truly love your skin

by Carly Hibbins

It's time to truly love your skin

Ah February, the month of love. The month we celebrate the affection we have for one another, whether that’s for your special someone or your family and friends. But here at CurrentBody, we've decided to do things a little differently this year...

We’re dedicating the entire month to rethinking the relationship we have with our skin. 2020 taught us a lot about ourselves, and when it came to beauty, some of us invested more in our skin and routine, while others tried their hands at beauty detoxes. Whichever one you chose (or are still doingthank you lockdown 3.0), we’re building on these experiences to change the mindset we have towards our skin, and we’re encouraging you to join us as we embark on a journey to love the skin we’re in.

That’s easier said than done, we know. So that’s why we’ll be bringing you inspiring features, practical advice and we’ll even be sharing our own personal skin journeys—so you can learn to truly love your skin.

Plus we’ll also be sharing our top tips and the must-have beauty products that will help you to take care of your skin too. We’ll cover everything from the secrets to ageing gracefully, to decoding the basics like ‘what makes a good cleansing routine’.

And if you’re looking to get started straight away, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite products that will supercharge your beauty routine and leave you feeling brand new.

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