Give A Gift Less Ordinary: Unique Christmas Gifts

by Chloe Beveridge

Give A Gift Less Ordinary: Unique Christmas Gifts
If you're looking for unique Christmas gifts, we can help! We've searched high and low for some genuinely showstopping gifts this Christmas – no one will be returning, exchanging or re-gifting these gems, we're sure!

The awkward-sized stocking filler: Back Nodger

The back nodger is an incredibly quirky device for working out all the knots and tension in your back. You simply hook it over your shoulder, place the pressure point over the area of your back that is giving you trouble and gentle rock upwards. It's incredibly easy and super addictive. The best part is that it's an incredibly odd-shaped package, so your recipient will never guess what you've popped in their stocking.

The portable masseuse: Beurer Neck Massager

Staying on the same theme, the Beurer Neck Massager is an electrical home-use device that delivers a soothing tapping massage to your neck, back and shoulders. It can hang over your shoulders for hands-free use, or you can move it into place with the handles. On a scale of one to unique, this is pretty high up there, and you can be sure your loved one will be thinking of you throughout the year as they ease away the stress of everyday life. See it in action below.

The miracle worker: iluminage Eye Mask

If you know someone who is always on the go and worried that it's starting to show, we're fairly certain they'll love this innovative eye mask from iluminage. It's made with a copper blended fabric which is proven to help rejuvenate the skin on contact. We could all use a little help getting a better night's sleep, and if we can wake up with younger looking skin we're all the more grateful!

One-up the Slanket: Heated Cape

Before we had the Slanket and Snuggie we stayed warm in winter by putting on another jumper, getting wrapped up in a blanket, or investing in archaic and frankly dangerous electric blanket. Thankfully, heated blankets have come a long way since those days and are making quite the comeback thanks to soaring fuel costs and the arrival of 'Hygge' on our shores. This heated cape from Beurer was recently featured on This Morning as a cool gift for Grandparents... but is it wrong that we sort of want one for ourselves?

The latest buzz: Foreo ISSA

And finally, the unique gift guide from wouldn't be complete without mentioning the Foreo ISSA. It's a toothbrush like no other, and will flip everything you thought you knew about dental hygiene on its head. Nylon bristles are replaced with silicone bristles, which are more hygienic and effective at cleaning than the former. The battery lasts and average of six months and the brush head only needs replacing once a year. We recommend buying one of these for everyone you know, and then treating yourself to one, too!

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