Customer Choice Awards 2021: The Multi-Tasker

by Lucy Acton

Customer Choice Awards 2021: The Multi-Tasker

In our new Customer Choice Awards 2021, we’ll be celebrating some of our best-loved products and the customer story behind them. From most-reviewed to can’t-live-without devices, we’ll be hearing from real CURRENTBODY customers about their favourite products, and how their lives have been transformed after using them.

Dedicated to revolutionising skincare routines, FOREO’s UFO 2 Smart Mask Treatment Device offers a variety of programmes and masks to suit every skin concern - from acne, dry skin and ageing. Here, we spoke to CURRENTBODY customer Katie about why she thinks the device deserves its place in our Customer Choice Awards 2021.

“It’s quick and super easy to use.”

FOREO’s UFO 2 device gives you everything you need for nourished and healthy skin in just 90 seconds. Simply connect the device to an app on your phone, choose the specific mask for your skin needs and let the nifty tool work its magic.

“I couldn’t believe how simple it was to use. You literally connect to the app, attach the mask, turn the device on, and you’re off. I’m quite busy in my day-to-day life so having a skincare routine that’s easy to follow and quick means I’m more likely to continue with it.”

“There’s a different mask for each skin concern.”

This device combines Korean-inspired masks with T-Sonic pulsations and 8 different LED lights. From collagen-infused to Hyaluronic Acid boosting treatments, you can choose from a range of different attachments depending on your skin type, condition and concern.

“The range of masks is one of the reasons that I invested in the FOREO UFO 2,” says Katie. “I love that it isn’t just a one-job-tool. In fact, it’s become a firm favourite in my weekly skincare routine. I know that whatever my skin issue, there’ll be a FOREO mask to help sort it out.”

“It always leaves my skin glowing.”

Safe and effective for all skin types, the pulsations in the device boost skincare absorption. As well as this, the heating and cooling function help to soothe skin, minimise pores and firm the texture.

“Immediately after using my FOREO UFO 2, my skin is glowing. I’ve also noticed that my complexion is brighter and more radiant when I don’t wear any makeup. It’s less dry too - which I think is probably down to the fact that this device helps other treatments and products to be more effective.”

“I’d definitely recommend this beauty device for anyone looking to transform their skincare routine.” Why not follow in Katie’s footsteps and shop the FOREO UFO 2?

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