Partnering with the HUD Group

by Chloe Beveridge

Partnering with the HUD Group

Our passion for innovation in technology has taken us on an exciting journey over recent years. We’re always looking to be at the forefront of this beauty revolution, partnering with the Home Use Device Working Group and industry experts to bring you the latest devices.

Over the past decade, the industry has continued to grow quickly as professional “directed energy” technologies (read: laser, IPL, LED) have been adapted for home use. We believe they are the future, offering a great alternative or supplement to salon-based treatments. Inevitably, they will save you time and money when used over the long term. Unfortunately, some companies have decided to take advantage of this industry trend. Some have offered products with unproven performance, questionable construction and potentially unsafe features.

With the support of the European Society for Laser Dermatology (ESLD), a range of industry leaders and standard bodies came together to develop international standards and combat such dangerous practice. We know the importance of bringing you quality devices that are safe to use and have been clinically tested.

That’s why we’ve joined with a number of dedicated companies to take a responsible role in this technological evolution, as part of the Home Use Device Working Group (HUD).

Safety meets excellence

Together we are working to ensure you get the best results and keep safe at the same time. For more information about this partnership, click here.

Home Use Device Working Group

The HUD works to:
  • Assist in the development of international standards and regulations relating to safe and effective home use, light- and energy-based aesthetic devices
  • Develop best practice recommendations in advance of the publication of standards
  • Encourage and disseminate communications about the efficacy and safety of home-use, light- and energy-based aesthetic devices
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