Benefits of the TriPollar POSE

by Chloe Beveridge

Benefits of the TriPollar POSE

TriPollar POSE

We've all been there. It's three weeks before that holiday you've been planning and waiting for, for what feels like a year. You've been working hard at the gym, eating well and drinking your body weight in water every day, but no matter what you do, those pesky pockets of fat just don't budge. Whether that be on your stomach, upper arms or hips, some areas just don't play ball. Unfortunately, when losing weight through diet and exercise, it's impossible to choose where you lose the weight from. As much as we would love to select areas where fat disappears from (i.e. the belly), it always seems to go from the areas we want to hold onto it (i.e. the boobs). So what if there was a solution to all your stubborn fat woes and you COULD target areas of your body to tone up. Enter the TriPollar POSE.

How Does the TriPollar POSE Work?

The sister device to the TriPollar STOP (which targets areas of concern on your face) the POSE has been scientifically proven to rejuvenate the skin on your body from the inside out. Each treatment shrinks stubborn fat deposits below the skin's surface, as well as kick-starting dermal collagen production for a smoother, more contoured body shape. How does it work? Using Radio Frequency technology, the TriPollar POSE focuses 4 low power beams deep into the dermal and fat layers below the skin's surface, ensuring a targeted treatment. This forces cells to release their liquid fat content, as well as tightening collagen fibres and boosting their natural production. These two actions reduce the appearance of cellulite and reduce body circumference, toning your silhouette and boosting your skin's health. The result? Stronger skin that's enriched with new collagen, giving you smoother, more contoured skin. What's more, all this can be achieved in two 20 minute treatments a week, over the course of 2 months.

And the five star reviews speak for themselves...

"I was sceptical when I read the reviews, but decided to give it a try. It has been fantastic. I've used it on my upper arms. It has completely changed the appearance of my arms. They are firmer and the skin is tighter. I've also used it on my abdomen and neck, with the same results. It has been FANTASTIC."

The device couldn't be easier to use, to get started, simply apply a thin, even layer over the treatment area, before using your TriPollar POSE device in the low power level setting across the treatment area. Best results are achieved when moving the device in even and small circular movements across the skin, maintaining full contact as you progress across the body zone. Check out our video guide to the TriPollar POSE below.

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