Baby Quasar Review - Before & After

by Chloe Beveridge

Baby Quasar Review - Before & After

Baby Quasar

Around 80% of us experience severe breakouts from time to time, and they are notoriously difficult to treat quickly. While we all know that healthy eating and drinking lots of water is the best way to keep skin clear, it’s not always possible over the holiday season.

The Baby Quasar Baby Blue device is a small but powerful device that has been created to treat everything from small blemishes to moderate acne. The precision of the blue light technology eliminates bacteria by cleansing the skin deep into the pores. Unlike other treatments on the market, the device provides long lasting results, only requiring occasional maintenance treatments.

Heather, from our CurrentBody team, has recently been trialling the device, and the results were so visible that we couldn’t help but share them. Let’s see what she has to say about the experience.

How did Baby Quasar change your skincare routine?

I had previously been using the mē Clear Anti-Blemish device for about 10 days, which definitely calmed my skin down but there were still lots of spots there. Usually going make-up free helps too, but it’s not always possible.

To try and improve the situation, I started using the Baby Quasar in my skincare routine for a couple of minutes, three times a day. After 10 days of using the device, I increased the time to 15-20 minutes and changed to using it every other day.

What did you like about the product?

I loved how easy and simple this product was to use. You literally just switch it on and gently move the light across your face, there’s nothing else to it! I even ended up using it while watching TV.

To achieve the best results, I cleansed my skin first with my Clarisonic Aria Facial Cleansing brush before using the Baby Quasar Baby Blue device. After I’d finished the treatment, I just applied a night cream and a touch of tea tree oil to make sure my skin felt completely nourished.

Before and After

Would you recommend the Baby Quasar to someone and why?

Yes, I would definitely recommend it! Over the years I spent a lot of money trying many different cleansers and spot treatments that never really worked. Now I’ve found the Baby Quasar, I’m saving both time and money, so it’s a no-brainer.

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