Keep Warm In Winter, Without Cranking Up The Heat

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Keep Warm In Winter, Without Cranking Up The Heat
I remember my student days when turning on the heat for longer than one hour per day simply wasn't in the budget. Days were spent reading and writing essays in bed under piles of blankets, or hanging around on campus for a few hours longer than necessary to make the most of the free heat. While a lot may have changed since then, I'm still not at the stage where I want to throw away money by heating every corner of my apartment for hours on end. With a few quick fixes and sneaky hacks, I can stay warm and comfortable without hiking up my bills or costing the earth. Allow me to share my tips to keep warm in winter, without cranking up the heat!

How To Keep Warm In Winter

Start by identifying the coldest areas of your house, and then isolate them by closing doors or adding a few well-placed draught excluders.

Next, make sure you heating is timed to come on for a few hours at the coldest times – or when you just want to be a little cosier. Try turning the heating on for a few hours before you wake up (it will help you to get out of bed in the morning), and another few hours before you go to bed (to help you wind down in a warm and cosy environment).

Cover any large areas of bare floor with cosy rugs to keep your toes happy, and then invest in a good pair of slippers and a fluffy white dressing gown to make it feel more like a spa session than a ploy to keep warm.

If you dread climbing in between chilly sheets at night, one of these Monogram Electric Blankets will help, or you could opt for a full-size Heated Cuddle Blanket with a soft and fleecy texture.

And finally, it's a favourite with Grandparents, but we think you'll love it too: the Beurer Heated Cape is the perfect accompaniment to chilly nights. Pair it with a steamy cup of hot chocolate and a good book and you'll be well on your way to Alpine-cabin-heated-by-an-open-fire levels of cosiness.

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