GloPRO: The Skincare Gadget to Try

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GloPRO: The Skincare Gadget to Try

GloPRO is one of our most exciting new arrivals in skin smoothing technology, and has recently been highlighted in Hello magazine as one of the next gadgets to try as part of your skincare routine:

"In the last year, the term 'dermarollering' has seen a 345% increase in saves on Pinterest - and since Kim Kardashian posted a selfie of herself receiving the (midly gruesome) treatment back in 2016, interest in the prickly procedure has only grown. Enter the GloPRO - a handheld roller with tiny needles to gently puncture the skin and stimulate cell renewal, all in the comfort of your own home. Sounds painful, but it's not really - plus the device has an in-built LED light to promote healing and smoothness."

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