Everything you need to know about Clarisonic closing

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Everything you need to know about Clarisonic closing

After over a decade, L’Oréal has made the decision that Clarisonic has made its last cleansing device. CurrentBody has been proud to work with the undisputed pioneers of home use beauty technology right from the start of the story with Pacific Bioscience Labs.

From the first sale in professional clinics in the UK to becoming the leading brand for facial cleansing at home, we have worked with some amazing people at Clarisonic from Seattle to Paris and in doing so have learnt more about sonic cleansing than any other partner.

Clarisonic was the brainchild of Dr Robb and David Giuliani back in 2001. They had previously invented the Sonicare Electric Toothbrush based on technology created at the University of Washington. Many didn’t think the Clarisonic would work, but over 10m sales later and one very memorable appearance on Oprah Winfrey, it became one of the first beauty devices used in the home and inevitably one of the most imitated. Clarisonic was sold to L’Oréal in 2011.

In an ever-changing world, Clarisonic owners L’Oréal are moving in a different direction but we are not, and remain very much at the forefront of all home use beauty technologies including facial cleansing solutions. We have been working hard in the background with our long-term partners at L’Oréal to ensure you have all the brush heads and cleansers you will need to support your existing device for a significant period of time, along with the expertise and knowledge to help you get the best results.

For now, we want to thank the Clarisonic family that we have worked with all over the world in the last 10 years as there is no doubt that from the moment that the first Clarisonic landed on our desk back in 2010 it went a long way to helping CurrentBody become what we are today: the global destination for home use beauty devices.

Watch out for some amazing offers while stocks last and we will keep you updated of our next developments in sonic cleansing.

We appreciate you may have some questions around your device or what it means to buy one in the current climate. Here’s our top FAQs to help you out:

Are we doing 50% off?

No, that is a Clarisonic US offer. As an official Clarisonic retailer, we will be running our own exclusive offers.

Are you doing further reductions?

We may offer reductions on devices in the future but we’re unlikely to reduce brush heads further.

What happens with my warranty?

If the device was purchased from CurrentBody then we will honour the two year warranty. If your device becomes faulty during the two years we will replace where possible or offer store credit.

Unless it is within the first 6 months, in which case we will offer a refund.

I want to keep using my device but I don’t have any more brush heads, what do I do?

Please take advantage of our promotional offers on our entire product assortment, while supplies last. We recommend you stock up now on your favorite brush heads before they are gone.

I’m desperate to get my hands on a device, should I buy one off Ebay?

Although it can be tempting to try and save some money when you’re buying a Clarisonic, we’d very much advise against purchasing from marketplace sites as these are often counterfeit devices. Many people that have tried fake Clarisonics have reported irregular brush head spinning and the device failing to turn on at all after a couple of uses, and that’s not to mention the damage it could do to your skin.

To help you out, here’s a video of our CEO showing you how to spot a fake.

We would also recommend caution when purchasing brush heads for your existing device that are not genuine Clarisonic brush heads. These can damage your Clarisonic, rendering it unusable.

Will device registration still be available?

Yes, device registration will still be available on www.clarisonic.com until 9/30/2020. Starting 10/1/2020, device registration will be available through the Clarisonic App only, through 10/31/2020. This Clarisonic App can be downloaded via the Apple App Store https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/clarisonic-app/id1396016355?ign-mpt=uo%3D2 or the Google Play Store https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.clarisonic.newapp

Do I still need to register my device for warranty purposes?

Yes, the device warranty is only valid on registered products. Only devices purchased from authorized retailers will be accepted.

A device purchased from an authorized retailer on or before 9/30/2020, must be registered on www.clarisonic.com or the Clarisonic App (USA customers only) on or before 10/31/2020, in order to be eligible for warranty assistance.

Please note, if you have a two year warranty with CurrentBody there is no need to register your device on the Clarisonic website.

What is the last day to register my device?

The last day to register your device on the website is 9/30/2020 and the last day to register on the Clarisonic App is 10/31/2020.

Is there anything wrong with the product?

Despite this difficult business decision, we stand by all of our products. Our products have been manufactured with care to the highest quality standards and are safe and effective to use.

Will I still be able to sync my routines with my Smart device?

Yes, Clarisonic Mia Smart device owners will still be able to sync their device, track their usage and customize their routines via the Clarisonic App.


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