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TensCare Mynd Migraine Relief

Wearable smart migraine pain relief device

Rated 3.5 out of 5
Based on 4 reviews

TensCare Mynd Migraine Relief

Wearable smart migraine pain relief device

Rated 3.5 out of 5
Based on 4 reviews

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  • Chemical-free migraine treatments
  • Relieves symptoms and reduces migraine frequency
  • 40 intensity settings and 2 pain-free treatment modes
  • Programme 1 offers 60 minute migraine remedies
  • Programme 2 reduces the frequency of migraines
  • Use daily for 20 minutes for less migraines overall

2 Year Warranty Official TensCare Retailer
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Our Expert View

The TensCare Mynd Migraine Relief is a great tool to help you get rid of headaches caused by migraines. It is easy to customise with 40 different intensity levels for just the right treatment each time. And the two programmes have distinct uses: programme 1 is for ongoing migraine relief and programme 2 is for preventing migraine onset.

This means that with daily use the TensCare Mynd Migraine Relief can prevent migraines from coming on as frequently. It's easy to take with you anywhere, lightweight and simple to wear - hands free.

There's no pain during treatment, just little pulses of electricity, so it's safe for all adults to use. With 3 included reusable gel pads, you'll not run out any time soon for fast, effortless treatments.

What's Included

  • TensCare Mynd device
  • Quick start guide
  • 3 x Reusable Gel pads
  • USB-C cable
  • TensCare Travel case
  • TensCare Mirror
  • User Manual

Our Beauty Device Experts are here to help:

why it works

There's a nerve responsible for most migraines and the TensCare Mynd Migraine Relief device sends small electrical signals to that nerve (trigeminal nerve) to disrupt it.

This interruption can stop migraines in their tracks. And regular stimulation is proven to reduce the number of migraines you get.

Just pop on the gel pad and strap the TensCare Mynd Migraine Relief device to your forehead. Choose programme 1 for 60 minutes of real-time migraine pain reduction, if you're currently experiencing one. Or choose programme 2 for 20 minutes of preventative therapy.

The little electrical impulses stimulate the nerve without causing you pain and with daily use you'll have fewer flare ups over time.

The TensCare Mynd Migraine Relief kit contains 3 reusable gel pads and the device is fully recargable for loads of treatments.

it's as simple as

Step 1: Clean your forehead with soap and water, leave damp.

Step 2: Apply a gel pad to the back of the TensCare Mynd Migraine Relief device.

Step 3: Apply the device to your forehead, 1 cm above your eyebrows. Turn on.

Step 4: Select your programme and intensity. Wear the device for the full treatment time, 20-60 minutes.

Step 5: When finished, clean and repackage gel pads, store device.

make it personal

The TensCare Mynd Migraine Relief has two options for the treatment of ongoing or prevention of migraines.

At only 15 grams, it's super light and comfortable to use everyday while doing other non-strenuous activities.

With regular daily 20-minute use, you'll have less migraine outbreaks over time. And when you do get them, enjoy relief in just 60 minutes.

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