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Whether you’re looking for smooth legs for summer or simply to eliminate a stray chin hair, we’ve all tried different hair removal methods at some point. But how do you remove hair permanently? And what are the options available?

What is Permanent Hair Removal?

Essentially, it’s a natural and non-invasive way of stunting or stopping hair growth in areas with unwanted hair.

Permanent Hair Removal has been available in salons for decades, and home-use devices are making those same results available on your own schedule.

There are different light-based technologies to help you achieve smooth skin for good, delivering energy directly to the follicle to inhibit new growth.

Why should I consider it?

Aside from the eco-friendly benefits of ditching traditional rasers and wax strips, permanently removing hair will save you both time and money in the long run.

Although it takes some time to complete the initial treatment schedule, following this you’ll only need occasional top ups to maintain permanent hair reduction.

Before you decide on this type of hair removal, it’s essential you check the device’s skin and hair charts. Most devices will offer the best results for people with dark hair and fair skin, however, it’s important to use the Fitzpatrick Scale to determine your skin type and make sure you’re getting the most tailored treatment for your skin type.

Many devices now offer built-in skin sensors to make sure you’re getting the most powerful treatment on each area, and also preventing light emission on skin types that are not best suited to that device.

What’s the best technology to remove hair for good?

There are 2 types of permanent hair removal technologies: Laser and IPL. IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) therapy delivers a broad-spectrum of light to treat a large area of skin, allowing you to treat the skin quickly and effectively.

It can also be used on a wider range of skin types compared to laser, due to this diversity of light.

However, after the initial treatment plan, you may need more top up sessions to maintain results compared to other technologies due to the broad application. Laser emits a single focused light deep into the pores, meaning it will take you longer to complete a treatment on a single area.

It’s also most effective on a smaller range of hair types and skin tones. However, results generally last for longer and you may need fewer treatments to achieve the same results as you would with IPL.

The sensation you will experience varies per user. While neither of the technologies cause pain, you may feel a “rubber band” snapping sensation across the skin when used on the higher settings or on more sensitive areas.

Our product expert says…

When choosing an at-home beauty device, it’s so important to take into consideration your hair and skin type. We offer free consultations with our product expert team - simply get in touch with us on for further details.

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